Looking for a DMC in Iceland?

We’ve got you covered.

You don’t want any clients to come home complaining about the trip you sold them. We understand the stakes and the responsibility. Your client will come home with positive feedback and a great story to tell.

We get it. It’s all about your brand.


Your customer satisfaction is our passion and profession!

DMC North is a 100%  Whitelabel partner serving your clients, and they are traveling with your brand. Never worry about your clients after their touchdown in Iceland. They are in good hands. That is a promise.

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The process is straightforward. First, we have a quick 15-minute video meeting where we introduce ourselves and answer any questions you might have. Second, we determine what you expect from us and what is essential for your clients. You know them best. The third step is formalizing our joint venture and making a non-exclusive agreement.

When we have agreed to go forward, we are happy to invite you for a fam trip to Iceland.

It has been a privilege!

It has been a privilege!

As a family-driven DMC in Iceland with 20 years of experience, we understandably can’t work with everyone who contacts us.

But we are always excited to find new partners where both parties agree that we are a good match.

Erna- CEO and mother of five.





300 +





Travel architect and travel evangelist

The outdoors has been a part of our DNA from the beginning. As a 4×4 driver, producer, and travel designer, nothing beats our partner’s positive feedback and gratitude for our work. Our professional, dedicated team and supplier network are professionals that never give in. Professionality and good friendship with the suppliers are the keys to our joint performance. We also have to thank our demanding high-end clients. They made us understand their way. 

To be challenged is what has shaped us over the years. We have had the joy of being a part of many extraordinary events.  Here are a few!


Product launch and a conference!
Challenge: Make a test track on the top of a glacier, testing Pirelli winter tiers. Showroom and lunch in an ice igloo.  Total of 400 guests.

 The Glacier Water Company LTD

Launch of the  Glacier water company factory and brand.   The new factory facility was changed into one extensive showroom with elements from Icelandic Nature for their Kick Off:  Ice, water, and fire. Dinner. We ended the day with 200 guests inside a hydrogen powerplant for a 3-course dinner.

The highest event in history!

We co-produced the highest concert in a Boeing 737 airplane at 42000 feet from Oslo, Norway, to Keflavik, Iceland.  Partners were Scandinavian Airlines, Universal Records, and MTV; The event was monitored and approved by Guinness’s book of records.

Icelandair’s  galla dinner in Harpa Reykjavik

Seven hundred guests for dinner at Icelandair’s 25th celebration of their travel trade show, MidAtlantic, in Harpa Concert hall. Icelandair CEO called it the best event in the tradeshow history. Guests were travel agents from Europe and the US.

The first big conference

500 media people from Norway – The Media Forum conference. The yearly report says that it is still the best event they have had in their history.

Product launch: Sony / MTV

Management of a prize trip for MTV viewers/in co-operation with Sony regarding a product launch of Cyber-Shot U digital


High-end clients?

Our first high-end client touched down in Reykjavik in 2002.

Excellent suppliers!  

24/7 service is provided
on request.

Five-star experience.

“We were expecting a 5-star experience, and we received a 5-star experience.”

DMC North Digital Tools

We are a part owner Of a production company, offering our film and photo production service at a great benefit to our partners.
Our digital tools will be a great asset when presenting Iceland as a destination to clients. We can produce showreels at your request with your brand.
Here are a few examples: