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Read what other travellers have experienced in Iceland with DMC

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We have harvested some information from our previous travelers - here you can read about their experiences in Iceland.

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The ladies have not landed yet :)

The atmosphere was superb. The ladies have not landed yet :)

They are already starting to talk about the next trip, and those who didn't want to come now, they want to come the next time. The men, who did not get to be with us have asked me if I can arrange another trip for them, he he.

Everything went well, the hotel was fine, jeep tour was super and they talk a lot about that – they compliment Elvar a lot (they don't dare to do anything else :)). And the drivers were popular, and few of the ladies wanted to take them downtown with us.

All the food was good, from the meatsoup at Gullfoss to Geysir, Askur and Silfur, top service everywhere we went.

Then we had a shopping trip on Saturday, and the credit cards were used a lot :) :).

We took a lot of photos and I've sent you two of them to show you how good we had it.

Thank you for all your help and I will be in touch with you guy's again.

Jona Ragnarsdottir / ForvaltningsCompagniet AS