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About us

DMC is a licensed tour operator, ready to work both tour operators, and travelers travelling to Iceland. Whether you are just looking for an advice, or a full scale program, we will assist you in any way we can. We handle individual travelers and any size of groups, events, conferences, groups and film productions. You come with the request - we handle the rest.

Our goal is to create life-time memories, fun, tailor made trips that fit the interest of those who are travelling. We want our service to be flawless, the enjoyment to be at maximum and our guest to experience Iceland at its best. Reliable, long term relationships with our partners are most important to us.

The structure of the company has been set up for speed. While some incoming agents take up to 72 hours to come with an offer proposal, we aim at sending out offers within the day.

The core of the company is built around the win / win policy. We want everyone to be winners - we win if the client is happy and the client wins if we are able to meet the request.

What is most important is the passion for the things we do, we absolutely love our job! The number one requirement when applying for a job at DMC is being enthusiastic about wanting to assist people in making a trip to Iceland special, enjoyable and fun. Teamwork is also a huge factor - together, everyone achieve more - we know that by working together, we are more likely to achieve our goals. And last but not least, flexibility - we understand that when working for DMC, we need to be flexible in order to be able to meet the needs of our clients.

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Article in Klikk - Father & Son (link, opens in a new window)

Article in Mann (PDF 0.7 MB)

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Article in Dagbladet - Father & Son (link, opens in a new window)